Apply for free space to advertise your business in our magazine.

We want to offer space to 3 local businesses, free of charge, over the course of 3 issues of our magazine (sent to 20,000 homes in NG16).

We will also give them our in-house graphics design expertise AND in-house advertising expertise.

We’ll sit down with the business and work out who their audience are, define their market and come up with an effective way of telling those people their message.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must fit the below criteria.


The business must serve residents with an NG16 post code.


The business must be registered, and at least one director must live in a property with an NG16 post code.


The business must have been registered within the past 3 years.


The business must be active

How will this work? (terms and conditions)

  1. Businesses must fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page to be considered an applicant.
  2. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria listed here.
  3. Applications close on 20th May 2022 23:59:59.
  4. All eligible applicants will be put to public vote on 1st June 2022 07:30:00.
  5. The 3 businesses with the largest number of votes will win space in 3 magazines to advertise their business.
  6. The adverts will be created by The Nugget, in consultation with the winners.
  7. Winners agree to be featured as Case Studies in future promotions.
  8. The winners and remaining applicants will receive a discount on advertising and an invitation to future seminars on effective advertising.

  9. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right not to fulfil the awards listed above.